Summer Institute 2018: Student Inquiry in the Secondary Classroom (June 6-8)

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I’m happy to announce this year’s Summer Institute – Student Inquiry in the Secondary Classroom (June 6-8).

You may notice we are scheduled for directly after this year’s Tech Camp, which is focusing on student agency. That’s on purpose.

We’ll be examining your current standbys, things you’d like to build, and units you’d like to refresh for how we can build toward learning driven by student inquiry.

Also, I’ll be facilitating this year along with Diana Laufenberg who led professional learning for district principals during 2017’s Tech Camp.

So, come join us. June 6-8. Just like last year, this class is open and relevant to any 6-12 teacher and will be about building resources for your classrooms relevant to latest research and practices. You can find the course here –

As a taste of why this is important, check out this wonderful read on “What’s Going on Inside the Brain of a Curious Child” from KQED’s Mind/Shift. Plus, here’s a great piece from Diana on “Crafting Learning Experiences.” Okay, one more, Diana’s post on “Speed Learning: A Classroom Activity.”