March ’18 Elementary Literacy Show: Technology and Literacy Learning

Classroom Recommendation: Using iPads to Build Fluency

In the Classroom: Using Nearpod in the G4 classroom with Courtney Groskin of Mountain View Elementary

Interview: Making the most of Nearpod in elementary classrooms with Instructional Technology Coordinator Jennifer Peyrot.

In Practice: Capturing learning with Seesaw in Lisa Mercier’s literacy class at Thunder Valley Pk-8

Teacher Panel: Allison Marshall (G3), Erin Cynkar (G2), & Rachel Dickens (G3) from Sanborn Elementary School.

Reflection Questions:

  1. If someone was to ask you what “good” technology use to support literacy looks like, what qualities would you recommend?
  2. What are some problems you’re trying to solve in your classroom?
  3. How might you use technology to solve that problem?
  4. To whom do you turn when you need help with technology in support of learning?

New Shortened Links to Navigating to District Sites

A Note from the Fine People at DTS
We now have short links for all the main digital curriculum sites that utilize single sign on so that teachers and students have an easy way to get to their curriculum if the portal is ever unavailable or if they simply prefer to type in a URL. These new links are below. Note that you still can’t bookmark these on iPads – they’re simply easier to remember and type in than some of the super-long links.
We didn’t create new links for Schoology or Discovery Ed, since these URLs are already short and memorable.

All Clever applications (i-Ready, myON, Lexia,Reading Plus, Think Through Math, VitalSource Bookshelf, VHL, and SpringBoard):

HMH (Collections and A-G-A):
Pearson (ReadyGen and digits):
McGraw-Hill ConnectED (Asi se Dice and high school geography):

Building School 2.0

Speaking of a good read, this one by our own Zac Chase and his colleague, Chris Lehmann, is another  one not to miss!  Going way beyond just how to integrate technology into our classrooms, Building School 2.0 helps us to see what school can become.  Chase and Lehmann support a vision for our students and for ourselves that is well within our reach.  An added bonus, reading it is a lot like having a conversation with Zac and for those of us who know him, that’s a great thing!

Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need

Tech Tip – Designing a Thematic Art Gallery with Google Art

Looking for an engaging way to integrate media into your Language Arts class?  This post from Catlin Tucker walks you step by step through designing a thematic art gallery using google art.  Not only does this support standards, but it really pushes students to think differently about the integration between art and the printed page.

Designing a Thematic Art Gallery

If you like this, Catlin has recently published a new book with great ideas about using technology to teach literacy standards.  It’s a really good read.

Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards with Technology