About Us

Literacy Department

The Literacy Team seeks to empower St. Vrain’s elementary teachers and principals so that all students reach proficient levels of literacy. Eight of the district’s 25 elementary schools are bilingual and six schools receive Title 1 funding. The Literacy Department’s structure and focus reflect the needs of the district’s schools.  Coordinators  work with both English and bilingual teachers, as well as administrators, parents and other district staff to improve student achievement in reading.

Areas of departmental focus include

  • Oversight  and coordination of elementary literacy assessments, including data collection and reporting
  • Oversight of district compliance with READ Act , Individual Literacy Plan (ILP) procedures and reporting to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)
  • Provide coaching to literacy teachers in Title 1 schools and support literacy teachers in non-Title 1 buildings
  • Design and facilitate professional development opportunities in the teaching of reading for literacy teachers and classroom teachers
  • Ensure that reading interventions are effective and have a solid research base
  • Promote the use of effective reading strategies for struggling readers and for those students who are learning English as a second language
  • Plan and deliver monthly seminars that focus on maintaining the technical vitality of the district’s literacy teachers, providing timely literacy information to schools
  • Research and implement technology resources (ex. Lexia) that promote reading acquisition for students
  • Expand technology resources that offer support for instruction and promote efficiency in the collection and analysis of student data
  • Provide new teachers with literacy training

The Literacy team includes

Priority Programs Coordinator:    

Patrick Kilcullen (ext. 57434), kilcullen_patrick@svvsd.org

Elementary Literacy Coordinator:

Sandra Vazquez (ext. 57403), vazquez_sandra@svvsd.org

Department Secretary:

Amy Griswold ( ext. 57413), griswold_amy@svvsd.org