PARCC Releases Updated ELA Rubrics for Prose Constructed Responses

The PARCC ELA/literacy prose constructed response item rubrics have been updated with the help of educators across PARCC states to reflect lessons learned from the PARCC field test. A PCR item asks students to produce a robust written reply to a prompt. The rubrics are a voluntary resource, aligned to the CCSS, and designed to help teachers pinpoint what the different types of PCR items – research simulation, literary analysis and narrative tasks – ask students to know and do.

The rubrics provide yet another window into the development of the PARCC assessments. Teachers may elect to use the PCR rubrics in their classrooms to give feedback to their students or to discuss best practices in their professional learning communities.

Click to see the PARCC rubrics for Grade 3, Grade 4-5, and Grades 6-11

In addition, PARCC has provided two white papers to support readiness for PARCC. The first paper provides ideas on how to use the draft rubrics during classroom instruction. The second paper provides a sample of writing forms that may be used to elicit student writing on the PARCC Summative Assessments for ELA/Literacy.

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