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Literacy Crate Procedures

The Literacy Crate Procedures can be found under For Lit Teachers/Other.  This document was distributed at the last literacy seminar.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports have been updated to reflect the new reading level expectations.  These can be found under Forms/Progress Reports.


Toolboxes have been updated:   English & Biliteracy

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CDE’s Minimum Skill Competencies K-3

K-3 Minimum Skill Competencies

“Set forth below are the Minimum Reading Competency Skill Levels based on the Colorado Academic Standards that must be attained by the end of the year that have a significant correlation to reading on grade level. Throughout the school year, the teacher must collect a body of evidence in order to determine whether the student demonstrates mastery of the following skills.”  (CDE)

These can be found under the blog’s  READ Act menu


PARCC Releases Updated English Language Arts (ELA) Rubrics for Prose Constructed Responses

Click here to see the PARCC rubrics for Grade 3, Grade 4-5, and Grades 6-11

2014-2015 Documents

Most used 2014-15 documents can be found on the left side column.  For other fall related documents, go to Assessments/Fall.

2013-2014: Links to Documents Discussed at the April 10th Literacy Seminar

2013-14: Spring READ Plan & ILP Documents:

2013-14: Proficiency/ILP End of Year Documents

2013-14: Bilingual K-3


End of Year Procedures

READ Act Information & Resources


Some materials presented at the Literacy Seminar are now available on the blog.  Please visit the READ Act heading on the blog’s main menu.


PALS Word Recognition in Isolation

Slideshows for the following word lists have been updated:
Preprimer, Primer, First Grade, & Second Grade
You can find PALS Word Recognition in Isolation under the Assessments menu. 
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