AP Exam Registration 2018

AP Exam registration is open on February 7th and closes on March 7th! Students currently taking AP Courses are strongly encouraged to take the corresponding AP exams. As in previous years, students will register online for AP Exams.

We will not hold pre-administration sessions this year (where students bubble their answer sheets with their information before the test day). Instead, when students register, the information entered online will be permanently printed on their answer sheets. This means AP Exam registration information must be entered carefully and accurately.

Here’s the link to registration instructions, registration deadlines, and the schedule and locations for 2018 AP Exams:  https://tinyurl.com/nhsap2018.

Questions about AP Exams? Ask your counselor!

SVVSD Local Scholarships


The St. Vrain Local School District (SVVSD) Local Scholarship applications are available to seniors! SVVSD Local Scholarships are offered exclusively to students in St. Vrain Valley School District.

The list of all SVVSD Local Scholarships and their descriptions can be found here.

The counseling department created a tutorial video explaining the application process: click here to view the tutorial.

The presentation used in the tutorial video can be found here. 

The link to Naviance (where all applications can be found) is here. 

If you have questions, please see your counselor!

-The NHS Counseling Department

Latest Scholarships


For scholarships that require a nomination, you must see your counselor to learn more about the process.