GPA and Academic Honors

Reporting of Grades

Student grades are available in the Infinite Campus parent portal. All grades are Progress grades until they are posted as Semester final grades.

On grade reports, “Term GPA” reflects the most recent Semester grades. “Cumulative GPA” includes all courses taken in high school. Only Semester final grades affect the cumulative GPA.

Grade Replacement on a Transcript

Official transcripts cannot be altered unless an error is verified by the school principal, who will order a correction.  All courses listed on the transcript with a letter grade (A-F) shall be calculated in the student’s GPA for the term in which the course was taken and in the cumulative GPA.  Students who repeat a course or take it in summer school and receive a second grade shall have both grades calculated in the cumulative GPA.

Honor Roll

Full-time students (those with six or more classes) who achieve a 3.0 average or better for the grading period will be included in the honor roll for that grading period.

Students who achieve a 3.75 average or better will be included on the Principal’s Honor Roll. All classes with letter grades are included in the computation of honor roll ranking.

Academic Letters

Per SVVSD policy, Niwot High School awards letters for academic achievement. Students may qualify for an academic letter each semester. To initially qualify for an academic letter:

  1.     A student must earn a 3.75 grade point average or higher for the semester.
  2.     A student must be enrolled as a full-time student and be enrolled in a minimum of three core area classes (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or World Language).
  3.     Pass/Fail courses–Teacher Aide, Elementary Tutor, and Work Study–will NOT be considered in the computation of academic lettering.
  4.     All Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Post-Secondary Enrollment classes will be considered core area courses.
  5.     Credit toward an academic letter must be earned in the qualifying semester. Credit and GPA may NOT be carried from one semester to the next.

Further qualifying semesters of academic achievement per above guidelines will result in the award of an academic bar to be worn on the letter.

National Honor Society

Standards and Expectations

  • Students must maintain a 3.75 Grade Point Average.

  • Students are required to perform 48 service hours during the Niwot High School year beginning April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.  The 48 hours are divided into three different categories:
    • Eight school hours (four at NHS and four at another school).
    • Eight community hours.
    • 32 personal volunteer hours. (Student’s choice of volunteer work)
  • Honor Society dues are $15.00 for the first year when paid prior to Thanksgiving Break.  Dues paid after Thanksgiving Break are $20.00.
  • Click here for the NHS form to document hours