SVVSD Local Scholarships

Here’s how the local scholarships work: Local Scholarships Tutorial Video

Common Application for Local Scholarships (List I Application)

There is ONE application for all the scholarships on List I. If you are applying for more than one scholarship from List I, you must make a copy of the application for every scholarship for which you are applying.

List I Scholarships and their requirements: 2017 List I Scholarship Descriptions

List I Application: 2017 List I Application

Individual Applications for Local Scholarships (List II Applications)

List II: the scholarships on List II have separate applications. Check deadlines and make sure you know where to turn the application in. Some applications are turned into your home high school, and some you must send directly to the organization.

List II Scholarships and their requirements: 2017 List II Scholarship Descriptions

Please use each scholarship’s own application and their requirements

Longmont Community Foundation Scholarship: St. Vrain Valley Community Service Award

Longmont Community Foundation Scholarship: Madeline Marie Molzahn Sherrod Memorial Scholarship

Longmont Community Foundation Scholarship: Philip McClelland Scholarship

Longmont Community Foundation Scholarship: Catherine Owen Scholarship

Gary Dicks Memorial Performance Scholarship 2017

Elevations Credit Union Wm. C. “Bill” Sterner Memorial Scholarship 2017

Elevations Credit Union M. R. Hellie Scholarship 2017

Ray Parnaby Memorial Scholarship 2017

AmeriKick Martial Arts Future Leader Scholarship 2017

Axis of Movement Dance Enrichment Scholarship 2017

Boulder County Latina League Scholarship 2017

Donna Bower Educational Scholarship 2017

Edna Layton Scholarship 2017

EFSVV and FRCC Partnership Scholarship 2017

Gold Star Award 2017

Helen Noble Clark Scholarship 2017

JBSK CPAs Accounting Scholarship 2017

Kathy Hall Future Impact Scholarship 2017

Larry Sieckmann Memorial Scholarship 2017

Hoe And Hope Garden Club Scholarship 2017

Longmont Conservation District Scholarship 2017

Brett Meade Scholarship for Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Studies 2017

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Longs Peak Chapter Wilma Dunn Student Scholarship 2017

The Pearl Group – Above All Scholarship 2017

Rhonda Herrman Community Involvement Scholarship 2017

Julia Sage Stolte Memorial Scholarship 2017

The Nancy L. Nixon Memorial Scholarship 2017

Tom Nelson Memorial Scholarship 2017