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District MTSS Leadership Team


Using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model, St. Vrain Schools will provide academic excellence by design for all students requiring varying levels of instructional intensity and support.


  1. To update the district MTSS implementation plan/handbook and to monitor implementation of the district plan
  2. To provide guidance to all schools throughout the district so they can be in compliance with good MTSS practices
  3. To identify and make available to schools the resources required to implement MTSS successfully

Team Members:

Andrea McBreen- Assistant Principal at Longmont High School
Gertrude Burnett- Student Services Professional Development
Heidi Weekley- Truancy Coordinator
Jackie Whittington- Executive Director Student Services
Kahle Charles- Executive Director of Curriculum
Regina Renaldi- Assistant Superintendent
Siria Rector- CLD Coordinator
Stephen Hoel- Principal, Rocky Mountain Elementary
Tori Teague- Assistant Superintendent of Assessment & Curriculum
Eddie Cloke- Principal, Trail Ridge Middle School
LR Powers- Counselor, Longmont High School
Jackie Bilan- Teacher, Longmont High School
Nelle Bottke- Dean of Students, Eagle Crest Elementary and Blue Mountain Elementary
Carolyn Thaler- Teacher, Trail Ridge Middle School
Marisa Renaldi- Teacher, Trail Ridge Middle School

We also invite:  David Burnison, Assistant Superintendent, Mark Mills, Assistant Superintendent and Connie Syferd, Assistant Superintendent