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Videos to Support Learning of RtI Principles

Due to requests by RtI Liaisons, I have pulled any relevant videos that I use when teaching others about RtI.  I have posted links below and a short description of how I use it.


To teach about the problem-solving process I use the video of the man stuck on an escalator.  Sometimes, as educators, when we are in the middle of the process with a student; we cannot see the forest for the trees and we stop even thinking about what a logical next step might be…just the man stuck on the escalator doesn’t even think about just walking up the stairs–he waits there for help to come!

Sometimes change is hard!  I use the video called, Are You Ansgarr?  This video pokes fun at how it must have been for people to go from using a scroll to a bound book.  We can draw the parallel with current technology and change.


Effective teaming structures can be part of the challenge when implementing RtI.  This video shows a humorous viewpoint of an ‘effective team meeting’.


Building the airplane while it is in flight, can be challenging.  I use this video to show how it is NOT okay to continue to build the RtI process ‘while in flight’.  Getting standard protocol responses in place can help us with this.


To make the point that time doesn’t always equal intensity- with regard to intervention, I use the video of the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation light scene.  I talk about how Clark Griswold spends a large amount of time to create such an intensive light scene.  However, my neighbor a block over has just as intensive of a light scene without putting in all that time to create it…because he leaves the lights up all year!  In that case, times doesn’t equal intensity like it does for Clark Griswold.


Leadership lesson from the dancing guy is a great video to describe what it takes to start a ‘following’.  More and more people join in as they see how easy it is to follow.  The idea is that you can create a tipping point at which you are on the outside if you don’t join in.  “Leadership is over glorified -it was the first follower that transformed the lone nut into a leader.”


This video is to illustrate the power in team work.  Ants are working together to ‘get the goods’.