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Progress Monitoring Web-Sites

Below are some helpful web-sites for progress monitoring tools that can be used when AIMSweb does not apply.

Intervention Central’s CBM Warehouse

“This page is your ‘one-stop’ destination for free Curriculum-Based Measurement resources on the Internet. Browse the page to find CBM materials to conduct school-wide screenings and monitor student progress. Or review one of the featured manuals to learn how to use CBMs in schools and to interpret the results to make good RTI decisions.”

Intervention Central’s Chart Dog 2.0

This tool allows you to create your own progress monitoring chart on any time interval goal.


“The ChartMaker is an electronic charting tool that can be used to monitor the academic and behavioral progress of students.  It was developed specifically for classroom teachers to help them make instructional decisions based on the graphing of their students’ progress over time.

In the area of literacy, the ChartMaker has the capacity of monitoring Oral Reading Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency and Nonsense Word Fluency–although teachers can create charts of their own for any skill area.  The ChartMaker displays an aim line, and student performance over time.  It also allows teachers to view student progress when specific interventions are added or discontinued.”

Web Resources on Assessment-

State Education Resource Center (SERC) has compiled a great list of web resources on assessment.

Progress Monitoring Tools Chart

“The National Center on RTI publishes this chart to assist educators and families in becoming informed consumers who can select progress monitoring tools that best meet their individual needs.

The Center’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) on Progress Monitoring independently established a set of criteria for evaluating the technical adequacy of progress monitoring tools. The TRC rated each submitted tool against these criteria but did not compare it to other tools on the chart. The presence of a particular tool on the chart does not constitute endorsement and should not be viewed as a recommendation from either the TRC on Progress Monitoring or the National Center on RTI.”