Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore Index


The Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore® index is the most comprehensive rating system ever developed to measure how well the 100 largest U.S. cities are meeting the need for parks.

Cities can earn a maximum ParkScore of 100. Points are awarded for median park size, parkland as a percentage of the city area, Investment (spending per resident), and average of per-capita provision of four key park amenities (basketball hoops, dog parks, playgrounds, recreation/senior centers), and park access based on the percentage of the population within a ten-minute (half-mile) walk of a park. This map shows the park service area and park need areas for the 100 cities in the 2016 ParkScore index. Zoom in on the map or use the bookmark tool to zoom to your city of interest.

Trust for Public Land’s ParkScore Web Page

ParkScore Users Guide     Interactive GIS Map 

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