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Explore the National Science Foundation’s data tool to learn a little more about the importance of STEM Education. The site puts a host of STEM education statistics into a friendly, visual format.

The website uses data mainly from the 2014 National Science Board’s Science and Engineering Indicators report, and some from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Users can get questions answered about science, technology, engineering, and math education spanning pre-kindergarten through the workforce. For example:

  • What are the basic skills that 2-year olds have developed?
  • How well do U.S. 8th graders score in math and science in each state?
  • What level of education do U.S. S&E [science and engineering] workers have?

Clicking on the question opens up an interactive graph or map of the data, a short narrative answer, and some key research findings.  NSF STEM Data Tool

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Design Thinking with iPads


Design thinking is a powerful tool to really get your students thinking about and tackling a problem or topic at a much deeper level. It is a structured task that focuses on giving considerable time to thinking about and empathising with the people within the situation (Target audience or client), designing and prototyping a possible solution that is immediately challenged in order to improve it. It is used much in business and the design industry but can be used as a general classroom task within any subject area. It also gets students to work quickly without much introduction. Learn More


STEM in St. Vrain

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High Schools – Skyline RTTT: Engineering   Longmont: BioTech

Middle Schools – Trail Ridge RTTT, Timberline RTTT, Westview

Elementary Schools – Alpine RTTT, Columbine RTTT, Erie, Fall River RTTT, Indian Peaks RTTT, Northridge RTTT, Rocky Mountain RTTT, Thunder Valley, Timberline

What is STEM:District Outline

Courses:Middle School STEM Electives – Trail Ridge Middle School –  RTTT Courses

Courses: High SchoolSkyline STEM AcademySkyline CoursesProject Lead the Way

CU TEAMS: Fellows


Design ThinkingScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 2.54.53 PM

Stanford Design School

Design Process:D-School   Stanford vs CU

Design Thinking:  Skills Development Chart,
…………………………….Templates , Rubrics & Planning Tool  Template 2

STEM Online: St. Vrain STEM Website   SVVSDInnovation Center    SVVSD SPARK!


 St. Vrain Robotics

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Cubelets – Elementary SchoolsEducationWe believe toys shape the way that children think about the world. Our toys give students the opportunities and resources to jump-start learning with fun, hands-on experiences and let their ideas take shape literally and metaphorically.

Sphero Robotics – Elementary Schools EducationWe create connected toys – but that’s not all. By fusing technology with robotics, our toys are teaching and inspiring tomorrow’s inventors and innovators. Programming isn’t easy, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to give kids a strong foundation.

First Lego League FLLThe program focuses on 4-8th graders, and has a similar local/state/national competition structure.

Vex RoboticsOverview   Elementary Schools Vex IQ   Middle & Secondary School VexThe elementary program is called VEX IQ. VEX is the fastest growing robotics platform in the country and has a massive network of local, state and national competitions.

NAO Secondary Schools Aldebaran Robotics

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