McKinney-Vento Program

The McKinneyVento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act is a federal law that ensures immediate enrollment and educational stability for homeless children and youth. McKinneyVento provides federal funding to states for the purpose of supporting district programs that serve homeless students.

Luis Chavez,  Homeless Education Liaison

303-682-7262, ext. 57262

Recent Topics of Conversation:

Homeless Students and Enrollment Options – Students are expected to attend the school that falls in the residency area based on their address.  If their situation is presented to Luis Chavez as being temporary and/or inadequate and Luis decides that it would best suit the student to attend a different school, the student will be coded as Open Enrolled, but does not need to go through the Open Enrollment application process.  An email from Luis for confirmation is all that is needed.

Unaccompanied Youth and Attendance – Students that are Unaccompanied by guardians may excuse their own absences based on proper reason and documentation. We would not accept the reason, “I didn’t feel like attending school” as an excused absence.  With a valid reason and possibly supporting documents, we will allow unaccompanied youth to excuse themselves.


Training Videos:

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