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Gamma Murals at Eagle Crest Elementary School

Gamma Acosta Jr.’s incredible work at Eagle Crest.  It’s hard to believe his medium, spray paint, can produce such wonderful and inspirational murals for the kids to enjoy.

Mural 1 Kid POV









Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

His manager’s info is below:

Gamma Acosta Jr.—Longmont Muralist

Lee Espinoza (Manager)—720-231-7458

August 2010 Fitness Calendar

Check out and comment on August’s Fitness Calendar!


Indoor or Outdoor Baseketball Game

Lesson Plans

With Kate and Barb at Hygiene not being able to teach in their gym full time w/o fighting the construction, perhaps we can collaborate as elementary p.e. teachers and provide some of our favorite outside lesson plans for them.  At this point, I’m still learning the ins and outs of adding new people as authors, editors, etc… to the blog, so if you comment and have a lesson idea in a document, please send the document to me via email and I’ll upload it so everyone can see and use 🙂

You Tube game


1st P.E. post of 2010 school year

Welcome to the 1st attempt at an elementary p.e. blog for sharing of ideas and lesson plans.  Care to join me on this journey?  I hope you do so we can all learn this stuff together and, in the end, develop the best lesson plans for our kids.  Think of it this way, just log on and follow this blog compared to always having to rearrange our schedules and trying to meet in person…. not that I’m opposed to meeting you all in person 🙂