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Heart City Answers to FAQs!!

Nanci did a great job summarizing the most important aspects of using our district’s Heart City sets! If there happens to be anything that is not included and you think other people will find it useful, PLEASE post a comment under this page.

Heart City info 2010-2011

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Below is a great opportunity to bring dance to your school!  Check out the school flyer link and/or contact for more information 🙂

School flyer2010

Fitness Gram–Questions, Answers and Ideas

Mike O’s email prompted this new post concerning testing for Fitnessgram!

His question is as follows:
I may have asked some of you before – for those of you who use Fitnessgram, and test your kids on pushups, curlups, flexed arm hang, modified pullups, etc. do you test them individually yourself, or have the kids test each other, or some other method? I’ve tried both – with pros and cons to each. Let me know your thoughts.