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An “Electrifying” Activity

Thanks to Kate @ Hygiene who provided this following integrated activity!!

Electricity Game

Also, a “kids say the darndest things” submittal from one of Kate and Barb’s first graders!

“I am doing a Chinese Jump Rope unit. As I was introducing the unit, a first grader said “Oh man, I don’t even know how to do American Jump Rope!”

Circus Circus @ Hygiene Elementary!!

Kate and Barb have graciously put down on paper what they offer to their kiddos for a one week or 2x per class unit!!  Below is what they’ve organized and named Circus Arts!  Thanks Kate and Barb!!

Please email Kate or Barb if you have any questions concerning what some stations are or what equipment they use for particular events!

Circus Arts

Basketball Ideas

 I invented a new activity this week for my basketball obstacle course…..the “pass maker”.. it is a hula hoop on 2 pulleys that runs on an incline, players stand on either side while it rolls down the line and players  pass back and forth through the hoop making as many passes as they can. It’s piles of smiles!

From Bob Rue @ Columbine Elem. (please email Bob for a diagram of the game) 

When I figure out how to post the diagram, it’ll be up 🙂

Also, Bob has included another basketball document that provideds great activities for K-2 students!

Here it is! Enjoy! Kindergarten-2nd B-ball lesson Matsketball