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Veteran Voices

Hi everyone!

During the September Elem. P.E. Blog class, one idea that received quite a bit of support was that of compiling a list, albeit random, of hints, tricks and other proven methods of our trade.

For example, how many of you have had numerous, time consuming issues with your tether ball setup?  I recently spoke with Sloane and Patty and they shared wonderful tips on how to strengthen my setup and have the equipment last MUCH longer!!

By sharing some of these little, helpful hints, I think we can continue building the collegiality amongst our group as well as utilize our time for preparing best lessons and not fidgeting with little items.  Can you all imagine if you could go back and pick the brain of someone you worked with or knew who seemed to have so many common sense fixes to seemingly difficult issues?  Before life throws our group curve balls and other changes, why don’t we try and write out some of our tried and true hints for others to use?

So, to that end, I’d like to start this blog post with the hopes that everyone registered for email notifications can add just 1 (to start with) tidbit of information for others to use or add to!

Thank you all for your time!


Exercise and the Brain

Hi everyone,

Murray Wallace at Erie Middle School shared this with me. I think it is a great article and I agree with Murray that articles like these will be great tools for us to use as we advocate for physical education. I know you have a lot on your plates, but I hope you can find a few minutes to check it out. It is very interesting!



Paige Jennings
Physical Education Grant Coordinator
St. Vrain Valley School District