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Grant Email from Paige

In my January update last week I mentioned that I would be sending out more information soon regarding equipment. I would like to pass on what I have learned in the past week or so. I know you are extremely busy, but this information is very important. Please read it all and make sure you understand what will be happening over the next couple of months.
I have a clearer picture of the timeline for the rest of the semester.
  • By March 16th equipment lists need to be completed and sent to myself to allow plenty of time for review and to be included in the budget.
  • By April 1st we will need to have identified professional development opportunities that can be included in the budget (see below for more info).
  • By May 15th the district is required to submit a budget proposal to the Colorado Health Foundation.  This budget will need to include all needs for the next two years. That means we must identify all purchases: (1) equipment needs, (2) curricular resources, and (3) desired evaluation tool (FitnessGram or WELNET).  In addition we will need to determine the professional development opportunities we are going to have for our teachers by April so that the budget can be completed by May.
Equipment Lists/Equipment Ordering Process:
You will need to create two separate lists of equipment you are requesting. The first list you create must ONLY include equipment that is listed on the Essential PE Equipment List. I have attached the Elementary Essential PE  Equipment List for your review. Please look it over and let me know if there is anything you would recommend we add or change by this Friday, February 10th. Remember, this list should include the basic equipment that we feel should be available to every teacher in order to meet the new standards. When the final Essential Equipment List is ready next week, you will need to do the following:
  1. Using the essential list, compare it to your current inventory
  2. Make a list of your needs
  3. Use a vendor website and place an “order.”  You are not actually placing the order, just using the order form template as your list that you will submit to me. This list needs to be specific, including quantity, color etc. Make sure you double check it to ensure you get everything that you need!
  4. You will then need to print out your list and send it to me so I can begin compiling all of them. Your Essential Equipment List may include equipment from multiple vendors if you choose, but I will need all of the printouts so I can keep them together as one list for your school.
The second list that you will create is a wishlist of additional equipment that you specifically would like to have in your classes. It will include equipment that maybe not every teacher would want or need. This equipment may allow you to incorporate some fun, new, innovative activities that specifically meet the needs of the population at your school. The items on your wishlist must also address the evidence outcomes. They should be submitted in the same way as your Essential Equipment List (see steps above).
These lists will need to be completed and turned in by Friday March 16th.
Once the Essential Equipment Lists have been created, many schools will have money leftover for their wishlists. After speaking with district administrators, we have decided that once everyone is on an even playing playing field with the essential equipment, the remaining money will be pooled together and then re-distributed evenly among the schools to help ensure equity in this process.
  • For example, a new elementary school might only use $5,000 of their $8,000 on essential equipment because they have a lot of equipment in good shape. An older elememtary school might use $7,000 of their $8,000 just to get caught up on the essentials. Instead of the new school then getting $3,000 in extras and the old school getting $1,000 in extras, we would pool it together and divide it out so that each school gets $2,000 in extras.
Vendor Show/Vendors:
Due to time constraints, the vendor show has been cancelled. Many teachers have also told me they already know who they like to use for certain equipment…ie. “the volleyballs from this vendor last much longer than all the others.” I encourage you to communicate with each other about which vendors you have used and which equipment you prefer. I attended a meeting in Colorado Springs last Thursday and several vendors came to speak to us. Here is a little bit about each of them:
GOPHER: If you are interested in ordering some equipment from GOPHER you will need to create a list on their website, and then email it to them for a quote. They will have that back to you within 24 hours. GOPHER also has an unlimited 100% satisfaction guarantee on their equipment. You can only create one list at a time however, so you’d have to create your essential equipment list, save a copy for yourself, send that in, and then create a wishlist for what you’d like to purchase with any extra money.
US Games: US Games has a link on the Colorado Health Foundation’s website that you will be able to access. That link is They have already set this up so that any equipment list you create already factors in the special discount they are providing to us! They will also give us free shipping, you can create more than one list at a time, and all of their equipment comes with a one year warranty.
Sportime: Sportime is working on creating a link on the CHF website like US Games, but it is not completed yet. I should know soon when that will be done. In the meantime, if you would like to order equipment from Sportime, you should log onto their website directly to create your list. Sportime also has a one year warranty on their equipment.
Other Vendors: You are welcome to create lists from other vendors that you are familiar with as well. We will need a printout that includes a list of the equipment, quantity and cost.
NEXT STEP: Please review the attached list and email me any recommendations for additions or revisions by this Friday, February 10th.
I realize this is a lot of information. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Thank you so mcuh for everything you are doing!

5th Grade Field Day, 2012

Below are two important links regarding 5th Grade Field Day, 2012!!

5th GFD info & dates-schls 2012
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A new game from Fall River!

Fall River Game

The link above will take everyone to footage that Cory Hoople taped at Fall River.  Please contact Cory for more game specifics.

Thanks and have a great time playing this game!




Upcoming March mtg @ Columbine-T/F

Good evening!

With a few new people amongst our group of P.E. Peeps, there seems to be a higher need for a face to face meeting/brainstorming session for T/F sign-up ideas/tips/tricks.  March has been suggested as a possible month for meeting at Columbine.  If you’re interested in attending this meeting, would you please respond to the following dates and let me know which one works the best for you.  We’ll have to go with the date that is the highest vote getter with the resulting tips/tricks from the meeting to be posted on the blog.  Just so things don’t get confused, this meeting will be mostly about how someone can sign up their kids for particular events at their schools. 🙂


3/6, 3/7, 3/8, 3/14 or 3/15