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Slime Ball

Slime Ball



Pyramid Challenge

Pyramid Challenge


Sub Plan Activities

Star Wars


Link to Star Wars on P.E. Universe

Heart Course and District Mats

Heart Course 2013-2014

Mat Schedule 2013-2014




Lesson Plans-Hoops

Hoop activity

Dog Pound Hoop Activity

Builders and Bulldozer Bean Bag and Hoop Activity

Monster and Magic Bean Bags

Try,Try Again hoop activity

B.Rue–Columbine EL


K-5 Year at a Glance

Here are some links that can take you to K-5 Year at a Glance documents

Grade 1 Year at a Glance

Grade 2 Year at a Glance

Grade 3 Year at a Glance

Grade 4 Year at a Glance

Grade 5 Year at a Glance




Steps to move class lists from IC to your iPad

Here are the steps for developing and moving P.E. specific class lists from Infinite Campus to your iPad or other device!  If you have any questions about this process or about the Numbers app. itself, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Go to  (Your UN and PW are the same as you do for district email)
Go to AdHoc reporting
Go to Data Export
Go to Teachers
Go to Student Physical Educ. for Numbers App
Go to Delimited values (CSV), if another format works better, we’ll let you know or feel free to let us all know
Go to Export

When you hit export, it’ll ask you whether or not you want to save it or open it, I like to open it, make corrections and then save it… your choice.
When you do save it, for convenience, it may be best to save to your desktop… you’ll always know where it’s at.
Finally, you can email it to yourself as an attachment and then when you open it on your iPad, do it through the Numbers app. and you’re on your way!




Here’s your chance to download our template for lesson plans based off of our meeting at Fall River every month!

What you now can do is fill out a small form, search for your lesson plan and submit them to me.  I’ve arranged it so it’s sending the info to another inbox other than  If you all could do me a favor and select a category that you’d like it under, it will help me better organize the blog and information within.

If the category isn’t listed, mention it within the message section of the form and I’ll create one for you.

Thank you,


LP Template

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