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Fishy Catch Clean-up


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

QR Scans on the blog

Good afternoon,

As you look through the blog, you’ll start to see QR scans popping up on posts.  After speaking with several teachers who attended Tuesday’s professional development, there was mention that having printable QR scans would be a nice option if someone wanted to post scans on the wall for their units.  Thus far, there are 3 QR scans available and they are able to be scanned directly from the blog as well as being clicked on, then selecting File, Print. (on your Macs)

If the first option for printing isn’t possible (Macs), the next step would be to right click on the QR scan, copy the image, then open up a Word doc, paste it and print 🙂

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with this exciting new technology!


*If you have created some innovative QR scans and you’d like me to post them for others to see and use, please contact me directly instead of trying to upload them through the lesson plan post.


Basketball Quicksand


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

4 Square Balzak


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.



B. Bianco-Legacy Elem.

Bollyball QR code

Womba Ball Cricket


R. Sagel-Mead Elem.

6 Team Invasion


R. Sagel-Mead Elem.

Big Foot


J. Law-Mtn. View Elem.

Mix and Match Basketball Game


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Basketball Obstacle Course

B. Rue–Columbine Elem.