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Pit Stop Racing


R. Sagel-Mead Elem.

Playing Card Tag and Playing Card Exchange


R. Sagel-Mead Elem.

Volleyball Stations


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The P.E. Geek blog

Good morning!

If the recent technology conference wasn’t enough to fill your plate, please check out this blog.  It offers wonderful insights and ideas on how to incorporate technology into your P.E. classes!

The P.E. Geek

Help with Numbers app. for iPad and iPod

Good evening!

Here’s a link that will take you to the Apple Support webpage where there is a plethora of information about all things Numbers.  Take a look around and if you find anything particularly useful and appropriate for what we’ll be using Numbers for in our classes, let me know and I’ll highlight it.

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Two sided tag


J. Law-Mtn. View Elem.

Grade Level Evidence Outcomes

Evidence Outcomes Kindergarten

Evidence Outcomes 1st Grade

Evidence Outcomes 2nd Grade

Evidence Outcomes 3rd Grade

Evidence Outcomes 4th Grade

Evidence Outcomes 5th Grade

C. Hoople-Fall River Elem.

Stick Tricks


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.



B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Lizard Line Tag


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.