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Scooter City


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Columbine S. City

JR4Heart going digital!!

For those of you doing Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart, you know how time consuming the prize distribution can be!  If you want to make your life easier, you can do a few simple things to convert the spreadsheet to Numbers on your iPad!

From there, handing out prizes is a breeze and so is keeping track of who received what!!

Contact me if you’re interested.  Have a great day!


J.Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.

Castles and Cannonballs

Castles and Cannonballs- Scooter activity

B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Amoeba Tag


B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Space Jam


S. Szobota-Timberline K-8

5th GFD order form from Skazma

Below is the order form that you can download, print and fill out for the 5th GFD shirt this year.  This year’s order, like all past orders, is voluntary and not required.

We’ve done our best to offer a selection of shirts in both men’s and women’s styles.  Have fun shopping and please contact me for any questions.  The deadline for this order is Friday, April 11th or earlier if you’d like.  Please see the attached SVVSD P.E. Staff order form regarding payment options.  After completing the form, please send your form and payment option to me, via district mail, @ Eagle Crest Elementary.  If you have any concerns or questions about sizing, you can swing by Skazma anytime to try on various sizes.

Address: 624 S Sunset St, Longmont, CO 80501
Phone:(720) 340-4326

Additionally, there is a flyer from Skazma offering a special discount for t-shirt orders for your students.

The plan is for Skazma to have our staff shirt order completed by April 28th and you can expect your shirt order to arrive at your school during the week of April 28th-May 2nd.

SVVSD P.E. Staff Apparel 2014

$5.00 T-Shirt Flyer 6.30.14 SVVSD

J. Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.




Rock, Paper, Scissors


S. Szobota-Timberline K-8

Reward Tag


S. Szobota-Timberline K-8

JR4Heart banners

Good morning!

Does anyone have an easy way to hang Jump Rope for Heart banners around the gym?  I’d rather not do it in the ramp area but I have plenty of wall space inside the gym to play around with.

Any advice would be great!


J.Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.



S. Szobota-Timberline K-8