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Using tech to review 5th GFD items

Good evening!

Progressively working our way forward from having a seemingly paperless 5th GFD to viewing all entries and events on Google Drive, here’s an idea to ponder.

While in the past, some of us have announced or posted final heat sheets and other 5th GFD info in a large setting or in the 5th grader’s pod, how about using the school’s technology and our iPads to our advantage?

If the Google Drive app. is installed on your iPad or iPod (see previous blog post) and you have access to a projector, screen and a dongle (yes, its name is dongle and your media tech would know what it is if you explain your purpose), then you can project all of the consolidated, day specific, information to your students.  It could be an opportunity for them to not only see their name or team (w/o cramming around a table or two) but also hear their name, thus reducing the amount of questions you have to field once it’s all over.

Additionally, if you electronically enter in your students’ names into a spreadsheet or the like for your 5th grade teachers or to have a copy for yourself, you can open that document in Numbers or Google Drive and show that school specific list to your students as well.  Both apps are either free (Google Drive) or purchased for you (Numbers).

Lastly, if one of your 5th grade teachers has a smart phone or iPad that they can bring to LHS, you can easily share your info, via Google Drive, with your teachers up in the stands w/o them having to keep track of paper copies that you may have provided them.

Some things to consider….

If anyone else has a way that has really proven to be a successful way of final sharing and question answering, please post in the comment section 🙂

J. Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.

*Bob Rue asked a question regarding the ability to “lock” in what we share with our 5th grade teachers so as not to have anyone accidentally edit our info… Here’s the response to his question…

“You should be able to edit it when sharing the document on Google Drive… your choices are… 1) Can edit 2) Can comment or 3) Can view (which this is the one you want…)  So, let’s say that on the day of 5th GFD for our schools, we (the P.E. staff can edit and update) but even though the teachers can just view… being that it’s on G. Drive, it’ll automatically update and they’ll view the latest and greatest w/o it being accidentally edited.”


Fear not… there’s something easier to carry!!

Good evening!

Recently, the idea of using our district iPads @ the upcoming 5th Grade Field Day was put out there and we received some great feedback!  One, in particular, was about the inconvenience of carting around an iPad.  That was a great point and while we don’t have the ability to get us all pockets in our clothing to carry the iPads, there is a way to condense the iPad idea into something MUCH more manageable.

Again, this is just a suggestion to see how it could work out in the future.

Since Google Drive (the location that all of our information is stored) is downloadable on both Apple products as well as Android products, as long as you have the Google Drive app., you’re just a few steps away from being connected and VERY mobile with your information!

The Google app. looks like this….   and it can easily be downloaded on the district iPod that we all got!  And guess what… we can fit that into our pockets…. most excellent!

Once you download the app., (from your App. Store or Marketplace) open it up and it will ask for you to log in.   Your login UN will be your last name_first name and your PW will be your SVVSD email PW.

After Google Drive recognizes your info, it’ll transfer you to log in to your email account through the district.  UN will be last name_first name ONLY (no and then your work email PW.

Once on, you’ll see My Drive but to the immediate left, you’ll see three lines… click on those three lines and you’ll see some options pop up.  Click on Shared with Me and you’ll see 5th Grade Entry Sheets.  Additionally, you’ll also see a document that reads 5th Field Day 3 Teacher Work Assignments that will list who is doing what on what event.

Finally, if you go to the lengths of providing your teachers copies of paperwork that helps keep things organized, you have the option of taking that and sharing it with them, through Google Drive, and they can access it through a smartphone in the same manner that you can access yours!

Food for thought!!


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Sharing data between district iPods and iPads

Good afternoon!

At our last PLC Job-a-like meeting, I presented on how you could enter in data with your Numbers app. on your district iPad and have it transfer over to your district iPod for easier carrying, etc…  Well, I was incorrect on the ease of transferability and other details.

What Bob Rue and I discovered was that you can indeed download the Numbers app. to your iPod, but it’ll be older version of Numbers than your iPad runs if you have updated your operating system to iOS 7.  If you haven’t updated, then your two devices WILL work together back and forth.  If you have updated your iPad, then anything you have worked on with your updated iPad can’t be opened on your iPod because it’s running an older program and that iPod can’t be updated any further 🙁

If you design something or record something on the Numbers app. on your iPod and then open it on your iPad or make any changes to it, you can no longer open it on your iPod.

Bob is working with his secretary on creating a document that can be accessible on most phones and, best of all, be shared with other leaders within a group such as bike club, running club, etc…

This idea can also be tweaked in order to decrease our reliance on stacks of paper for 5th GFD and instead have the data be available via our iPods or iPads.  It’s forward thinking, but again, all in an effort to work smarter, not harder.


J. Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.

Friendly 5th GFD staff shirt reminder…

Welcome back!

This is just a friendly reminder to district mail me your order form and money by this Friday, April 11th if you’re interested in purchasing some version of a staff shirt this year.  I’ll also be at our elem. P.E. Job-a-like on Wednesday, April 9th, and can take order forms and money then as well.

Any questions, please let me know!

J. Goldsberry-Eagle Crest Elem.