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Columbine FunFest 2014

B. Rue-Columbine Elem.

Deadline for lesson plans

Good afternoon,

If you attended the monthly Fall River meetings this past year, please keep in mind the lesson plan deadline for submittal on the blog is Friday, May 23rd.  Please contact C. Hoople for any clarification on amount expected/month.

With an infant arrival in late May and a toddler’s 2nd birthday in mid-June, any submissions after May 23rd will result in getting them posted sometime in 2020 🙂

Thank you,



3 Zone Tee Ball

Batters try to knock over bowling pins. Fielders try to protect them by catching a ball and placing it in a barrel. When the batters run out of balls they rotate to a new zone.

I will write this up but thought you all might be interested. Watch the video, these are 2nd graders. I do this with k-2.

Zone 1 batters
Zone 2 infielders
Zone 3 outfielders

C. Hoople-Fall River Elem.

5th GFD idea from Columbine Elem.

Good afternoon!

Congrats to all on another fantastic 5th Grade Field Day!

A great idea was suggested by a 5th grade teacher, Tanisha Lucero, @ Columbine.  She suggested buying some wrist bands from Amazon, Oriental Trading Company or wherever your secretary would purchase wrist bands for your school carnival, etc…  From there, you can have the kids mark their events on their individual bands and there would no longer be any need for sheets of paper!

Below is an image of what I’m referring to.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 3.27.54 PM