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March’s Healthy Hero, Jennifer Tatham

March’s Healthy Hero!!

Congrats Jen!!

LEE’s own Mike Newell

Congrats to Mike Newell on being inducted into the CSU Athletics Hall of Fame-Class of 2015!!!


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Motion Makers

If you and/or your classroom teachers are doing some great exercises that can also be used as classroom brain breaks and you wouldn’t mind recording the class or individual doing the exercise with narration, I’d love to put it on the new Motion Makers blog for everyone to use.
Also, for student safety reasons, please make sure all recorded kids have permission for their images to be publicly viewed.

Jason – Eagle Crest

Ninja Warrior Training Course

A HUGE thank you to A. Apple for letting me borrow some of her equipment!!

Have a great day!


A tour of the Ninja Warrior Training Course

The following are the 11 Ninja Warrior Training Course events

The Ladder Leap


Ninja Scoot

Tunnel Training

Eagle Net

Tire Trudgery/Swing Sault

Bucket Bars

Ninja Kick

Sushi Roll

Mission Impossible

Mt. Midoriyama

Video clips of 2nd graders and Paul Kasemir doing the obstacles can be viewed via Google Drive.  Please contact me directly for video access.



Infinite Campus Reminder

Good morning!
For those of you who are setting up your class rosters and gradebooks from Infinite Campus to your iPad, please keep in mind that when you start sorting out your classes and creating your tabs, you’ll need to Save As… Excel Workbook (.xlsx), if you don’t save it that way, when you go to re-open the document, you’ll just have your last class you created staring you in the face. All of your previous work and tabs will be deleted and you’ll need to begin again.

There is a longer way to avoid this, by just opening up your IC data on your iPad and sorting it that way. It does take longer, but there won’t be any chance of you losing your previous work…

J Goldsberry – Eagle Crest

Shredder Mountain – Columbine Elem

Noodle Bits


S. Szobota-Timberline K-8

K-5 Year at a Glance

Here are some links that can take you to K-5 Year at a Glance documents

Grade 1 Year at a Glance

Grade 2 Year at a Glance

Grade 3 Year at a Glance

Grade 4 Year at a Glance

Grade 5 Year at a Glance





Here’s your chance to download our template for lesson plans based off of our meeting at Fall River every month!

What you now can do is fill out a small form, search for your lesson plan and submit them to me.  I’ve arranged it so it’s sending the info to another inbox other than  If you all could do me a favor and select a category that you’d like it under, it will help me better organize the blog and information within.

If the category isn’t listed, mention it within the message section of the form and I’ll create one for you.

Thank you,


LP Template

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Esther’s P.E. Order Form

For those of you who “misplace” Esther’s P.E. Order form as much as I do, here’s a downloadable copy for you to use.

Happy Spending!


Worksheet for Purchase Orders