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What is Weigh and Win?
Weigh and Win is a community program that helps people incorporate healthy eating and active living habits into their daily lifestyle.  The program is FREE to all Colorado adults age 18 and over. Weigh and Win is available in communities across Colorado through the partnership of many community
organizations who champion the program.  Funding and support for the program comes from Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit with the interest of providing an accessible and effective weight management program to the general public.
Enroll: Easy enrollment at www.weighandwin.com or at any kiosk. SVVS has a stationary kiosk located at the east end of the ESC lobby.  4 mobile kiosks will be traveling to different schools through out the year.  Please check the Wellness calendar for location. Look for the WAW.
Coach: Personalized daily email and/or text messages coach individuals on healthy eating and active living. Measure: Quarterly, photographed weigh-ins at private kiosks conveniently located in the community. Reward: Quarterly cash rewards based on weight improvement, and maintenance of weight loss (available to participants with an initial BMI > 25).All participants are eligible for monthly prizes.
Challenge: Friendly team competitions for cumulative weight improvement or participation points.
Group Portal: Aggregate reporting on employee participation and results for qualified employer groups with 300 or fewer total employees.
% Weight Loss            Quarterly Cash Reward
5%                                                  $15
10%                                                $30
15%                                                $45
20%                                                $75
25%                                                $105
30%                                                $150
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