Combating Holiday Stress

Just like the old Looney Tune cartoon characters, at the holidays it sometimes feels like we’re running in place, getting nowhere fast.  Yes, we’re busy, but are we energized?  Are we truly productive?

To help you combat the emotional stress that is part and parcel with the holidays, we’ve come up with some ideas for you to try:

  1. Get outside:  We all know it, serotonin-driven sunlight improves our mood.  If it’s too cold outside, sit in a sunny window, close your eyes and soak up the rays.
  2. Take time to smell the oranges:  A citrus scent lifts the mood and makes us feel less anxious.
  3. Stick with a routine:  It’s hard to make time for ourselves at the holidays, but exercise and meditation are things we need to make time for more than ever!  If you have to reduce the time you allot to your stress relievers, that’s ok, but try not to forgo them completely!
  4. Try a little Chinese medicine:  Applying pressure for 30 seconds to your hoku spot (the fleshy area between your thumb and index finder) can reduce tension and relieve headache.  Try some deep breathing along with this if you start to feel overwhelmed.
  5. Seek laughter:  Laughter truly is the best medicine!  Seek out experiences and entertainment that are focused on your funny bone.
  6. Go tech-free:  Funny coming from us, huh?  But we need downtime from the demands of our smartphone so, instead of keeping it within our grasp at all times, find some windows of time that are electronics-free.
  7. Don’t over schedule:  There’s so much to do but you can only do so much.  Keep tabs on your commitments and prioritize the ones that bring you the most joy.
  8. Forget about perfection:  You just can be perfect all the time and neither can your loved ones.  Learn the art of shrugging your shoulders and letting go of those unreasonable expectations.
  9. Think positively:  Make your glass half full this season, not half empty.  In 99.99% of bad situations, things could definitely be worse!


Tips are complements from CREO Wellness LLC.

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