June 2018 archive

Jun 19

Limited Time Offer: Free First Aid Training

The National Safety Council is recognizing National Safety Month 2018 by offering FREE online training to individuals interested in learning more about First Aid, CPR & AED. It takes EMS an average of 10 minutes to arrive. Make sure you are ready to respond to a medical emergency when it matters most with First Aid, CPR …

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Jun 18

Learn how to Track your Eating Habits

Food records bring awareness to eating habits and help identify weight loss roadblocks. Get one started with these suggestions: Research suggests that one of the best ways to change unhealthy eating habits is to first keep track of them, which makes sense considering most of us underestimate what we actually eat in a day. By …

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Jun 06

Physical activity: 8 tips for getting started

You already know that physical activity and good health go hand in hand. But if you have a medical condition, aches, pain or a lot of weight to lose, you may be afraid to exercise. Plus, if your physical abilities are limited, you may feel like the little exercise you can do won’t do much …

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