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Apr 16

Snacking Dangers

We have already busted the myth that “snacking” is not good for you with the fact that we encourage 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are important to your weight loss success and overall wellness. However, because our society is based around 3 square meals and those in between snacks, …

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Nov 07

Healthy Holidays Challenge

The holidays are hectic and oftentimes healthy habits are shoved to the wayside. On average, Americans gain one to four pounds every holiday season that they never lose. Over time, those pounds add up! So, let’s head into 2018 a little bit healthier. Join the Weigh and Win Healthy Holiday Challenge and enjoy the holidays …

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Jan 24

Commit to Get Fit

Jan 17

Commit to Get Fit

Dec 12

Healthy Holiday Challenge January Weigh-In

Nov 14

This Week! Be Sure to Weigh In

Nov 08

Are You Ready for the Healthy Holiday Challenge?!

Nov 01

Ready for the Healthy Holiday Challenge?

Aug 03

Join the Fit Fall Challenge

Jul 28

Fit Fall Challenge