What’s in Season in May?

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Opioid Safety Tips

If you or a family member are one of the millions of adults who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, here are a couple of common mistakes to avoid when using pain medications (courtesy of WELCOA):

Doubling or tripling up on dosage. Most pain meds take 15 to 30 minutes to kick in. Many people make the mistake of taking another dose if they don’t feel relief within a few minutes. Doubling or tripling the dose can cause harmful side effects and bodily damage. If you’ve given your pain medication time to work and you are still experiencing pain, don’t increase the dosage, seek your doctor’s advice and recommendation.

Drinking alcohol while taking pain medications. Because alcohol can adversely interact with hundreds of commonly used medications, it’s important to observe warning labels and ask your doctor or pharmacist if it’s safe to use alcohol with any medications you take.
For additional information on how to use opioids safely, see below:

Download (PDF, 784KB)

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Lunch N Learn: Food Allergies

Join us for this exciting lunch n learn with local allergist, Dr. Mark Menich. Dr. Menich will be talking about the latest advances in the science of food allregies. Class will be on May 1st at 4:30-5:30pm in the ESC Boardroom.

Sign Up Here>>

Download (PDF, 161KB)

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Take your physical fitness to the next level

When you’re an exercise newbie, the fitness gains come fast. But once you’ve broken in your running shoes or become a regular at the gym, you have to work harder to challenge your stronger, more efficient body. You can accomplish this by changing how hard, long and often you work out. The trick is to avoid doing so much that you end up hurt or burned out. Make a smart and safe transition with these tips.

  1. Assess your current fitness level
    Start by assessing where you’re at now as well as your strengths and weaknesses.


    • What you already do (exercise mode), including cardio exercise and strength training
    • How hard you work (intensity)
    • How often you do it (frequency)
    • How long you do it (duration)
  1. Set new goals
    Next, take a look at where you want to be. What are some specific, realistic goals you can set to improve your fitness level? Maybe you can jog or swim for 45 minutes rather than 30. Or you could add flexibility exercises into your routine. Perhaps you want to train for an event such as a 10K or minitriathlon.
  2. Do more
    The best way to pump up your fitness level is to increase your exercise intensity. Intensity refers to how hard you work. The fitter you get, the harder you need to exercise to feel challenged and see results. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone will help you to get the most effective workout possible, which is important, especially if you don’t have a lot of time that day to exercise. If you exercise at a lower intensity, you’ll need to work out for longer sessions or more often to achieve the same fitness effects. In building up, first increase the frequency of your activity (number of days a week). As you become more fit, increase the length of each workout and finally the intensity.

    To increase the intensity of your workout:

    • Move faster. Walk more briskly or start running if you’ve been walking or jogging. The faster you move your body, the more work you’ll do within a given time.
    • Add vertical challenge. Run or walk on hills, or increase the grade on a treadmill. Add a step riser for step aerobics.
    • Increase resistance. Increase the pedaling resistance on a cycling machine. For strength training, gradually lift more weight.
    • Cross-train. Participate in a variety of activities, including some that are more demanding or vigorous.
    • Try interval training. This means interspersing short bursts of high-intensity activity (such as a 10-second sprint) with intervals of low- to moderate-intensity activity, such as walking.
  3. But don’t overdo it
    If you exercise several hours a day every day, you run the risk of an overuse injury or fatigue and burnout — and you won’t produce many extra gains in fitness. To avoid overtraining, increase your total exercise time, distance or intensity gradually. Alternate hard and easy workouts from one day to the next, and build in time for rest and recovery.


Once you’ve reached a new fitness level, take a moment to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come!

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From The Heart – Wellness Presentation by BVCN

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Snacking Dangers

We have already busted the myth that “snacking” is not good for you with the fact that we encourage 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are important to your weight loss success and overall wellness. However, because our society is based around 3 square meals and those in between snacks, we know that snacking even when you are not hungry or don’t realize you are eating, can be tempting; especially with high-fat, sodium-packed, non-nutritional, boredom-based foods like chips, candy, cookies, and highly processed “treats”.

1) Don’t be afraid to try the healthy options – There are a lot of portion controlled, reduced-fat, low-calorie versions of your favorite guilty pleasures that actually may taste just as good and won’t leave you with a sick tummy or a guilty conscience.

2) Avoid trans fat at all costs – Partially hydrogenated oils are lurking in the majority of snack foods (things like crackers, snack cakes and pies, frozen fried microwave snacks, and cookies), so this is where you not only should read the label, but the ingredients as well. This is because the FDA allows food companies to claim Trans Fat content as 0g if there are .5g or less per serving.

3) Be a label critic – We don’t care if it takes you 15 extra minutes at the grocery store…you MUST read the labels. Know what you are putting in your body and pay attention to the serving size!

4) Beware of energy foods – Energy could mean high in carbohydrates, fat, and sugar, so just be sure you are choosing one with at least 3 grams of fiber (preferably 5 grams), at least 5 grams of protein (preferably 10 grams), lower amounts of fat with no saturated fat, and fewer than 20 grams of sugar.

5) Don’t snack if you’re not really hungry – We’d encourage you to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day, but if you are not hungry for one of these snacks, then don’t force yourself. And pay attention to why you aren’t hungry.

6) Don’t believe everything you see – Foods advertised as “Nutritious” or foods that are seemingly healthy are not always. Words to be aware of are “reduced-fat”, “multi grain”, “low carb”, “less sodium”, “diet”, and any other fad-diet sounding buzz words. Not to say that these are always going to be a bad choice, but they are usually parading as something they are not.

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April’s Healthy Heroes, Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction Department


Your department’s commitment to fitness is inspiring.  What does your departments fitness routines look like?  

Most of our staff members work out on a consistent basis ~ CrossFit and Gold’s Gym are two popular places.  Others have incorporated walking into their daily routine.


What are some things your department does to prioritize healthy living?

Department meetings now include a more balanced offering of fruit and vegetables.  We used to be the department to come to for “treats”.  We still have treats, just the healthy kind.

We talk about exercise and eating healthy quite often and encourage each other.

Get up and walk

Standing work stations

What are your favorite healthy foods?  

Possibilities are endless, salad every day, avocados, healthy soups, brussel sprouts (raw and cooked), green juice, homemade pesto replaces salad dressing, protein smoothies, dark chocolate, layering veggies on salads ~ being creative.  Lots of lean protein to make sure your body is recovering from workouts.


What would you like to see in our schools to promote healthy living for SVVSD


The Healthy Foods Lunch & Learn that is offered at the ESC should be expanded to schools.  It is a wonderful and fun way to get tips, tricks, and recipes.

What would be your Personal Healthy Tip?  

Just start ~ it is easy after that.  Find a workout routine you can do 5-6 times per week (in the beginning 3 times per week) and make sure it includes a variety of exercises.  No matter what you choose, it needs to be fun and doable consistently.  Make working out and eating healthy a priority.  Start small so you don’t get discouraged or too sore.  Weight training is super important as you get older.


Planning each week for healthy meals is imperative.  Planning will ensure success!

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11 Setback Recovery Tips

Did you indulge a little too much over the weekend? That’s OK — stay positive and don’t be hard on yourself. It’s normal to slip into old bad habits from time to time, or hit a weight-loss plateau despite your best efforts. Simply be curious about your choices, and use your experiences as learning opportunities for the future. Don’t give up — use these tips to get back on track.

Recommit to your goals with these strategies »

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What’s in Season in April?

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Interested in Continuing with Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers has put together an offer for SVVSD members to transfer to the Longmont Center for a meeting that is open to SVVSD ONLY!

We will offer a SVVSD Series on Mondays beginning April 30 in Longmont from 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm.

All members who choose to continue their momentum will receive the special Deal Days pricing of $132.60 as long as they pay by April 13.


Download (PDF, 267KB)

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