Nov 04

Happy Movember!!

sam elliott

Grow A Moustache for 30 Days.
Do it for Men’s Health!


Movember is a movement for men’s health. For 30 days in the month formerly known as November, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas rally to support the cause, get people talking about health and raise some funds. There are two ways to participate: grow your mustache for 30 days, or take the MOVE challenge and get active each day for 30 days. Some Mo Bros do both! Together we’re tackling some of the biggest health issues faced by men – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

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Oct 26

The ABCs of Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of a healthy diet. They help the body function and regulate our metabolism. Below is a list of the major vitamins, what they do, and how you can get them.   Read More…..





Oct 23

Get signed up and get winning!!

Download (PDF, 711KB)

Download (PDF, 711KB)

Oct 21

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

SVVS!!!  Wear PINK October 27th, 2015 to show your support.

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Oct 21

Can’t Sleep?

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Oct 20

What Should I Eat in October?

roasted peppers

October already?! The month of pumpkin spice everything and candy everywhere! Summer is gone, and along with it, the beautiful ruby red tomatoes and the piles of ripe Palisade peaches as well. However, every season has its bounty to share! Fall has just begun, and because our local grocery stores and farmer’s markets are stocking up autumn’s best harvests, why not take on October with a few of these options.

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Oct 15

The Ins and Outs of Probiotics

ProbioticsProbiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are known as “the good” microorganisms because they benefit our bodies, specifically within the digestive system. Probiotics, available in some foods and dietary supplements, are similar to the probiotics that exist naturally within our gut.


Oct 14

Are you needing quality and quantity zzzzz’s

wide a wake

Lack of sleep can hinder the ability to deal with stress. Learn new, realistic practices to increase the likelihood of both quality and quantity zzzzz’s.







Join Jerri for a class on how to get the zzzzz’s you need.

Tuesday October 27th from 12-1pm @ ESC Board Room              

    Thursday November 5th from 4:30-5:30 @ Lincoln/ESC in the Aspen Rm

To Register: Contact Jerri Mason at or  303-702-7912. You can also email

Oct 09

October’s Healthy Hero, Don Haddad

Don Haddad


Dr. Haddad Superintendent for SVVS has been nominated as our October Healthy Hero. Dr. Haddad has served as Superintendent since 2009.  You might see Don walking around one of our schools during one of his “walking meetings”.

vw: Dr. Haddad , your commitment to fitness is inspiring.  What does your personal fitness routine look like?  

DH: I try to bike every morning.  I get up early and get in at least 20-30 minutes on the stationary bike.  I try and get to the rec center twice a week.  I also make sure 2 of my meetings a day are walk and talk meetings.

vw: What are some things you do to prioritize healthy living?  

I try to de-stress.  I make an effort not to sit all day.

vw: What are your favorite healthy foods?

DH: Fruits, I love fruits and I try and have them readily available to grab and eat. It’s so much easier to get your recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables when you have them all chopped up and ready to just grab and go.

vw: What would you like to see in our schools to promote healthy living for SVVS employees?

DH: I would love for everyone to find more time throughout their work day to walk. We all should take a few minutes throughout our days to take a quick walk to refresh and recharge. It doesn’t have to be long or outside in the snow, but just something to get the blood flowing. I’d also like to see less employees eating lunch at their desks, use this time for you. With this, I would also like to see more stress reduction classes and resources available to all employees, especially around our busy testing times.

vw: Dr. Haddad , what would be your Personal Healthy Tip?  Take it a day at a time and eventually, moderate exercise and eating well will become a part of your daily routine.


Thank you Don for being this months Healthy Hero!!!!

Oct 06

Eating for Energy

energy applesA body without energy is similar to a car with an empty gas tank, you won’t be able to go very far. Sometimes the problem can be lack of sleep, but just as frequently it can be our diets. So whether you’re walking every day to lose weight, training for a 1/2 marathon, trying to keep up with an active family, or trying to just stay awake at your desk here are some great eating tips to help you stay energized.  Read more……