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Developing Will Power and Self Control (webinar)

Are you interested in learning more about how to develop will power and self control to take charge of your health and your life? If so, this informative webinar from ComPsych Guidance Resources will help you take that step in the right direction towards becoming a better you.   To Watch the Webinar, Register Here …

Food Allergies Class 05/01/18

Join us for this exciting wellness class with local allergist, Dr. Mark Menich. Dr. Menich will be talking about the latest advances in the science of food allregies. Class will be on May 1st at 4:30-5:30pm in the ESC Boardroom. Sign up here>   No related posts.

Gratitude: A Skill for Happier Living (webinar)

Gratitude: A Skill for Happier Living An online webinar presented by ComPsych Guidance Resources will provide you very practical and useful skill to work your way towards a happier life. Gratitude will help you build personal resilience, improve relationships and feel more in control.   To Register, Click Here             …

Paying off Debt While Building Wealth (Webinar)

Are you interested in how you can build your wealth while paying off debt? Our EAP Provider, Compsych will teach you multiple strategies towards reaching your financial goals during this webinar. To register for the webinar, click here! No related posts.

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