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Mock Interviews

Reflection: What did you learn from the interview? What are your strengths and weaknesses in the interview process? How can you make yourself a better interviewer?     I learned more about the resume process, and the alteration of the resume to fit





FRCC LEADS (Latino Excellence, Achievement and Development Series) for Cass of 2016

LEADS is a year-long leadership program designed to teach leadership skills, personal development, and provide mentorship. This innovative program provides a foundation for students to value their culture and develop their leadership skills. An acade


Cause of the War

In the book, it talks about the relationship between Philipinos and Americans dating back to the Treaty of Paris, which marked the end of the Spanish-American war. Which gave the U.S. control over the Phillipines, who wanted independence at the time.

Social Studies

Today was a fantastic day! We talked about a lot during social studies. We talked about how World War ll ended the Great Depression, and about the suburbs and TV’s being new! We also started our iReady reading test and made flow maps for our memoir

Class News 5/9

Families! 11 days to go Please read on for the latest: Homework: reading and practicing math facts. Please also see the orange half sheet about the optional animal project board. This is due Friday, May 20th. Move-up day! This is our inaugural year f

Perspective of a Photographer and Journalist on Organized Crime in 1980’s Italy

By Nicole Woods A picture of a widow who’s husband was killed by the mafia for protecting judge Giovanni Falcone. In America, a whole genre of gangster movies have been dedicated to the mafia. One of the most famously known mafia movies is the Godf

Man Files Lawsuit Against Starbucks

by Caleb Domenico A Starbucks customer in Chicago felt that when he got his­ Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, sugar-f­ree syrup, extra shot, ice, no whip; that they were putting too much ice in it. Sounds crazy, right? But not to the customer

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A directory of official district and classroom blogs.

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Administrator Induction

  • This blog will be used to share agendas and comments related to our Administrator Induction and Supervision & Evaluation seminars.


Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction

  • You will find important information and resources for Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction. (Also see the separate Assessment and Curriculum sites.)

Assistive Technology

  • Useful information and forms to help you through the Assistive Technology process in the district.

Beginning Excel 2010

  • Learning supplies for Excel Class 2010

Behavior Evaluation and Support Team

  • Useful information in relation to behavior supports and access to behavior support requests.

CCeraneran: A Student Resource Page

  • A place where students (and teachers) can easily access the many online resources we have available here in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Culturally and/or Linguistically Diverse – CLD

  • A site where educators can access information on culturally and/or linguistically diverse students.


Early Childhood 

  • A site where Early Childhood staff can find forms, professional development opportunities and other resources related to preschool and kindergarten.


  • Technology resources and news for SVVSD Educators. see also Staff


Elementary Literacy

  • The SVVSD Literacy blog is focused on the teaching of reading. Visitors will find updates, information, instructional resources, current forms and useful web links. It’s a forum for questions, answers and ideas, all in a spirit of critical inquiry that promotes thoughtful teaching and improved student learning.

Elementary PE

  • Physical Education News, Thoughts and Ideas

English Language Acquisition

  • The ELA Blog is a site for resources and links related to English language acquisition in St. Vrain. Teachers can access the ELA Manual, forms, lesson planning templates and the latest updates from the district ELA office.

exitExiting Employees

  • Technology To-Do List Before You Go

Family Connections Newsletter

Gifted and Talented

  • The GT blog is filled with information about gifted & talented programs, opportunities and resources.  This blog is designed to provide information for teachers and parents.

HelpDeskHelp Desk

  • The home page for the district’s computer help desk; featuring technology news, information and resources.

Instructional Technology

  • InstTechThe SVVSD Instructional Technology blog is a place where we’ll share resources and information about making technology a part of your teaching toolkit. It’s a place to find answers and ideas that relate to teaching and learning with technology. It’s a place where we’ll gather together much of the cool stuff that we see happening in the district and the larger world of teaching, learning, and technology and share it with you.

Instructional Technology Advisory Committee 

Language Arts – Elementary

Language Arts – Secondary

Leadership Teams

  • This site connects and supports SVVSD school leadership teams.


  • The St. Vrain Math blog is a place for instructional resources and web links that are available and accessible to all St. Vrain mathematics teachers, students, and parents.

Mrs. Schafer’s Fourth Grade Class

  • Mrs. Schafer’s class learning community and educational learning blog.

MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) – formerly Response to Intervention (RtI)

New Employee NewEmployee

  • Here are some brief instructions for the computers systems you will use as an employee of our school district.

New Teacher Resources*

  • Resources for teachers and other licensed staff new to the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Retirement Plan

  • 403(b)/457 Optional Retirement Plan Information


  • “one stop shop” for science instructional resources and web links available to SVVSD teachers, students, and parents.

Secondary Literacy

Silver Creek High School, Weekly Blog

  • The Silver Creek blog is a weekly newsletter for students and parents.  It provides vital information about weekly activities.


  • Information and resources for Speech-language pathologists.  The blog includes therapy ideas and tools as well as links to IEP documents and CEU’s.

Social Studies

Special Education Instructional Coaching

  • Special Education Instructional Coaches will provide new teachers with limited professional experience extensive support and guidance.  Our site includes forms for support requests and additional materials within the coaches specialized areas.

Staff staff

  • Technology resources and news for SVVSD Staff. see also Educators

Student Data Privacy

  • A collection of resources for teachers and school administrators around the topic of FERPA and protecting student data privacy.

Student Records: Forms & Data

  • This site will be used to post information regarding student data, forms and records.   You can also post questions or concerns that you want to open up for discussion.  Comments and suggestions are encouraged!!

Student Services

Support support

SVVSD Technology Knowledge Base

Thunder Valley K8 Art

  • Art projects, processes and techniques of the Middle School art studio

Technology News News



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