AP_Program_Guide 2016-17 AP Program Guide. This guide highlights important changes for 2015-16, provides an overview of the AP year, discusses organizing your AP program, and more!
Main Street Parking; please be respectful of their space and schedules.
Pre-Administration Directions, 2017
1415_AP_Bulletin_pdf 2017 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents
stay_calm_5_on_AP Full list of AP exam dates for 2017.
Preparing_Proctors_2 Use this guide to train your proctors for AP success!
Seating Chart Directions
 and Printable. Proctors must complete a chart for every testing room and retain it for six months. Only to be submitted in the case of an IR.
money-refund_318-47380 Rev Trak Refund Request Form – COUNSELORS ONLY FILL OUT


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