READ plans, grades 1 – 8

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All guides below refer to students grades 1-8 only, and primarily using the iReady Assessment. The only exception is SWD testers, or Students with Disabilities (see below). For Kinder teachers, please use the page dedicated to Kinder READ plans.

Grades 1-3

 Grades 4 through 8

Students are to remain on their existing READ plans until they are reading at grade level based on a BOE. Therefore, many students will come to grades 4 and 5 with READ plans that need to be continued. Each academic year should have its own READ record. However, you should NOT create a READ plan for a 4th or 5th student that did not have one in the past. Please see the flowchart linked below for further details. Read_Plan_Flow_Chart_g4,5

 SWD (Students with Disabilities)

    • Determining an Appropriate Interim Assessment Flow Chart
    • Guidance Document: READ Plans and Students with Disabilities
    • Creating a READ plan for students who are:
      • Newly identified SRD in grades K-3
      • Identified SRD, and require updates
      • No longer SRD, but not at grade level based on BOE (thus need a READ plan…)
    • Trainings and Powerpoints from CDE: Including Students with Disabilities in the READ Act
      • Block 1: Understanding READ, Changes, Guidelines for SWD, DIBELS training
      • Block 2: APAS, Writing READ Plans
      • Block 3: Overview of CELS, Structure of Scales
      • Block 4: Communication = Literacy, Collecting Data, Organization Systems
    • Exiting a READ plan (video) once student has met grade level based on a BOE

Video: Exiting a READ plan