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What IS Shmoop?

Shmoop is a common-core aligned, online test prep service that the district purchased to help our ACT and AP students access practice tests, drills, and topic reviews regarding content on each of the assessments.

Log-In, Basic Navigation

How do I get my students started?

  • Student Log in and Join Classroom
  • ACT Longitudinal Plan for Teachers
    The Longitudinal plan prepares students in 9th and 10th grades for Aspire, building up to the ACT in grade 11. Each month has a focus based on a College and Career Readiness Standard. Resources are housed in the Schoology group ACT and Aspire and include Shmoop topics, Collections materials, and released ACT material specific to that month. Teacher Guide includes links and directions you can use with your students.

The Website, Navigation

The district has purchased a license for EVERY high school student! Here are some presentations you can use in your classroom to get students started! Click on the links below for the product you’d like to work on with your students (ACT Prep, ACT Aspire, AP).

ACT_cover_image ACT Prep Tour: Log In, Joining a Classroom, and a few places to see. All juniors in the district have access to this powerful tool.
ACT_Aspire_image ACT Aspire Tour: Log In, Joining a Classroom, and a few places to see. All 9th and 10th graders have access to ACT Aspire practice.
AP_Exam_Prep_Shmoop AP Tour: Logging In, Joining a Classroom, and places to look for help. All students have access to every AP exam section of Shmoop available.

Having students start with a Practice Exam will quickly indicate skill strengths and weaknesses in your classroom. Try these guides to help your students:

ACT Reports and Articles