What is AAC Therapy?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) provides the students a way of communicating that can add to, or replace, speech and handwriting with signs or symbols.  Students can employ a varying system of augment expressive communication including:

  • signing
  • using symbols
  • use of objects of reference
  • communication books containing frequently used words, pictures or symbols
  • low -tech communications aids
  • high-tech communication aids
  • computer solutions

Communication Bill of Rights


Creating Symbols Using Google Docs

In Google Docs go to Tools> Explore > type in the topic followed by symbol or icon

Ex: “elephants symbol”, “elephants icon”

In Google Docs go to Insert> Image>search

-the rainbow choices allow you to choose a certain color scheme

-use the same search method



Communication Matrix

Core Vocabulary

Encouraging Communication: Communicative Temptations

For more information on child speech and language disorders and conditions please go here.

Aided Language Input



Literacy and AAC

Adapted Core Word Books

Tar Heel Reader

Digital Readworks


AAC and Social Skills

Power points


Core Word Wall Classroom

What is the Core Word Wall What are core words? Core words include common verbs and pronouns, but very few nouns, we use most often across a large variety of situations The core word wall is an oversized manual communication board (24X36), there are removable icons and a sentence strip located on the top.  The …


Create an Implementation Notebook for the Team or for the family: AAC Parent Guidelines High Tech AAC Handbook Planning Sheet for Activities Scope and Sequence for Teaching AAC Vocab Core Word Planners, send these home, focus on 1-4 words a week Include Copy of the Device Manual Please feel free to explore these implementation ideas …

Picture Exchange Communiation System (PECS)

What is PECS? PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System uses picture systems so that individuals learn the fundamentals of communication: Initiation Exchange of  wants/needs, ideas, knowledge How to construct sentences It is: Inexpensive Portable Easily adapted Requires structured and frequent trials Not a visual schedule Goal of PECS? Teach individuals a means for using effective and …