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Core Word Wall Classroom

What is the Core Word Wall

What are core words?

Core words include common verbs and pronouns, but very few nouns, we use most often across a large variety of situations
The core word wall is an oversized manual communication board (24X36), there are removable icons and a sentence strip located on the top.  The core word wall should be located in the main teaching area and is used to model language in order to increase the students exposure and understanding of core language.  In addition to the oversized board smaller ledger sized boards can be located around room to allow for student easy access and staff access in order to model language.  While modeling language it is important to model a variety of communicative functions (refer to the communication bill of rights).


Implementation Guide

Scope and Sequence

Core Word of the Week Implementation Plan

Icons and Visuals

Core Words at Home

Strategies and Resources

Core Word 5 Minute Fillers

Specific Activity Core Word Lesson Plans

Additional Resources