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Communication Device Support

Tutorial Videos, How To Articles, and Cheat Sheets for Communication Devices and Apps:

Traditional Communication DevicesĀ 

Basic training (including programming) for Dynavox devices (VMax, Maestro): Dynavox Basic Programming (you will need to create a free login to watch this video)

Basic operation for PRC devices (Vantage Lite, SpringBoard): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoSmWg5hwag

  • Powering on/off
  • Changing the volume
  • Locking the system (to prevent unwanted changes)
  • Hiding/showing icons
  • Icon tutor (for finding buttons)
  • Volume control

Turning on/off PRC Accent devices: http://www.prentrom.com/support/article/2164

Backing up PRC Accent devices: http://www.prentrom.com/support/article/1793

Cheat sheet for deciphering the Unity language (found on PRC devices such as Springboard, Vantage Lite, and Accent): Unity cheat sheets

Basic training for Alt-Chat device