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iOS 8 Quick Start Guide

Paraprofessional Training

QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology)

Please feel free to look through their resources here.

Social Stories

Social Stories can be a great solution for students with behavioral problems please feel free to look at this link with great examples.  Here

AT Toolkit

  • A list of AT supports and strategies organized by need (e.g., reading, writing). We aim to update this list on an on-going basis: AT Toolbox

Finding Technology in Your Building

Guided Questions and Help to Find and Use Technology Resources in Your Building

  • Ask your principal what the ratio of computers to students are for each classroom in your building and check your classroom ratio to determine appropriate computer needs for your classroom.
  • Ask the technology media person and or principal what additional technologies and resources(iPods/iPads and laptops) have been funded for the building and how to access them?
  • Identify the BTC (Building Technology Contact) in your school building, ask if there is a monthly team meeting, and find out how you can gain access to the monthly information or how you can bring technology needs to the attention of the team for consideration.
  • Identify the location and time availability of student accessible computers, laptops and printers. (Library, reading lab, academic lab, resource room)
  • Identify what software and accessibility features are on your classroom student computers that can be used as intervention or support tools.

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)

Please refer to this comprehensive toolkit for ideas about assistive technology strategies and supports. You may refer to the entire toolkit here: 5thEditionToolkitJun09

Or, you may reference individual sections by need here:

















Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to complete a whole AT Referral if I just want to obtain an app, accessory or Google Read/Write for my student being served by an IEP? No, you can complete the AT Apps and Accessories Form in order to put a request in for an app, accessory or student access to …