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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to complete a whole AT Referral if I just want to obtain an app, accessory or Google Read/Write for my student being served by an IEP?

No, you can complete the AT Apps and Accessories Form in order to put a request in for an app, accessory or student access to Google Read/Write.

Example accessories:

  • Wired keyboards
  • Switches
  • Device stands or mounts

Example Apps:

2. Should I complete a referral for a student we are considering providing AT or AAC?

Yes, if your student does not have a need that is directly related to an app, accessory or Google Read/Write, it would be important to access the resource and support the AT team can provide your team. Also complete a referral if your student does fit into the categories above, but your team would benefit from consulting to determine how to implement and progress monitor AT. Essentially, if you have any questions regarding AT or AAC for a new potential student referral, complete the AT Referral!

3. What do I do if my student does not access his/her AAC?

Consult the AAC Implementation section of this blog or contact Lauren Hodges ( to schedule a brainstorming session.