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6 Week Chromebook Trialing Program

Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS as its operating system.  This allows the device to store most of it’s data in the cloud, however leaving it with limited offline capablitites.  Chromebooks are easy to manage and they allows students to utilize real time collaboration and share their work with others on the web.


Our Chromebook trialing system is a structured program:

  • The Chromebook will be checked out to the student following an initial meeting with the AT specialist

  • Data must be collected weekly for 6 weeks

  • Data must show progress towards IEP goal while using the Chromebook

  • The Chromebook will be collected following the 6 week trial

    • Following a successful trial a purchase order for a student device will be submitted


What are the benefits of using a Chromebook?

Files in Google Drive can be accessed and edited on a SVVSD Chromebook when you are offline if you Enable Offline access before you are offline. To do so, go to your drive and look for ‘More’ in left hand side bar of options. Click ‘Enable Offline’ and allow your documents to sync. More information can be found here.

Students and staff can take advantage of sharing via Google Drive. Presentations can be done and shared with the teacher or other students through Google Docs.

What are the downfalls of using a Chromebook?

Chromebooks can not run software written for Windows or Mac OS X. Chromebooks only run the Chrome web browser and web ‘apps’ that work in the Chrome browser.  For example Microsoft Word and Keynote can not run.  Chromebooks are not supported to print with in the district, that isn’t to say that it will never happen but it currently is not supported.


Please use the forms below to request trialing.

Chromebook Trialing Form

Chromebook Trialing Data Collection

Chromebook vs. Fusion