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Fusion Trialing Program

Fusion Trialing Program

What is a Fusion: A Fusion is a portable word processing device which has additional ‘writing process’ features that are more robust than standard word processing and can be customized to meet individual intervention needs of a student. The student types their document on the Fusion and has the option to keep it stored within folders on the Fusion or using a USB to connect to a WORD document on a standard computer and print out a hard copy of their work.

Who would benefit:

  1. Students with IEP goals for written language expression that have barriers within the writing process which match specialized features available on the Fusion for specialized intervention to assist in making progress on the IEP goal.
  2. Student’s above 3rd grade that have had specific handwriting interventions and are still not making progress with legibility whom are ready to move to keyboarding as an alternative method of producing written language expression. These students do not have access to word processing tools within the school building or classroom.
  3. Student’s who have been receiving OT services for handwriting skills, are above 3rd grade, need to transition to keyboarding, and build typing skills however there are no computers within the school building or classroom for the student to use. *OT’s will scaffold the student off OT services on the IEP and they are not responsible for teaching typing skills as this is considered a fluency skill that needs to be done with frequency. The OT will assist in determining any specialized visual perceptual visual motor needs and adaptations for accessing the keyboard or skill of typing.

When a Fusion would be considered:

  1. Prior to an IEP meeting when considering interventions for a written language expression goal
  2. As part of an OT assessment to determine a student’s readiness to transition to keyboarding at 3rd grade and above if legibility of handwriting continues to be a barrier.
  3. When it is determined through reviewing the handout: Considerations for Fusion vs Computer, if keyboarding is being considered as an alternative method of producing written language expression.

Where are Fusions available to trial?

Fill out Fusion trialing request form and send it to the AT department. Attach a copy of the IEP goal related to written language expression. Be sure to include on the Fusion Check Out for Trialing form the date (approx. 6 weeks to allow for adequate trialing data collection) which you will be returning your data to the AT department.

How will I get the Fusion and Who will train me and the student to use the Fusion?

  1. Once the request is received the AT department will send a Fusion out to the building OT. The building OT or an AT specialist will provide training.


Please use the forms below to request trialing.

Fusions VS Computers

Fusion Trialing Form

Fusion Data Collection Form

Fusion Device Support

Uploading to a Fusion