It’s flipped….Now what?

I have spent the last two months making videos, editing power points, and building my class site.  I never would have imagined doing all this without the help and constant support of Nawal Nadar…you are amazing:) Today was the first day of the semester and I introduced my students to my site and and the big Flip!(more to come about that later) As I was planning my calendar,  I found myself reflecting….now what am I going to do with all of this class time?

Now what?….is the most exciting part of the whole flip! Now I have the time in class to implement more of the strategies and ideas I have learned in all my Masters and pd classes; all of which I have not had a whole lot of class time to experiment with until now. Now I have more time to implement more literacy and numeracy activities to align with Common Core.  Now I have an opportunity to include small group instruction so I can include more of the SIOP strategies  I learned about in my Masters classes, but have only had a little time in class to implement until now.

So what has this flip done….it has given me the gift of time.  Time to engage students in critical thinking, apply content into real world case studies and to differentiate content with more small group instruction!

So continue to follow my blog as I document this journey and continue to answer the question….Now what?



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