Guided Tours 2015

Guided Tours are 60 minute sessions designed to share new ideas, teach new skills and spark new conversations. These hands-on opportunities will provide you with a chance to explore concepts in alignment with the SVVSD Learning Technology Plan and the Essential Components for Learning Technology.

Session Descriptions by Theme



Leading Transformational Change: Preparing for a Mobile/Digital Learning Environment

James Richardson, Principal, Buck Lodge Middle School

In their 4th year of a 1:1 iPad program, Buck Lodge Middle has seen amazing results. Hear the story of how they weathered the “implementation dip” to achieve success and the lessons that they learned along the way.

Device Operations and Support

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
Time To Bring In The Geek Squad LeAnne Kelly Don’t let troubleshooting turn in to troubleSHOUTING! Come learn about a great way to incorporate leadership opportunities in your school as well as provide a great troubleshooting service for your building. By utilizing the great problem solving minds of your students you can easily design a Geek Squad to help process and problem solve the majority of the issues associated with the new iPads while keeping from overwhelming your entire staff.
Absolute Manage MDM for school leaders Erik Black Want to know what’s up with your students and their iPads? What is an MDM (Mobile Device Management server) and what is it good for?  Learn how Absolute MDM, a tool for managing iPads in SVVSD, can give you information and options for student devices.
iOS for Busy Administrators  Apple Education (S)
In addition to being a powerful tool for teaching and learning, iPad can also streamline your daily routines. We’ll explore how built-in tools can help you leverage iPad to maximize your daily productivity, provide meaningful feedback, and engage your school community.
Planning for Success: Year 1 in the LTP Erik Black What environmental factors are contributing to St. Vrain’s successes with our Learning Technology Plan? What have we struggled with? Who are we communicating with, how, and when? We’ll talk about our processes, planning, and communication, and will send you away with a list of district-created resources you can browse.

Family and Community Partnerships

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
Where is the Library in a Mobile Learning School? Karen Percak The look of libraries is and should be constantly changing to reflect new literature, literacies, and learning. The walls of the library should be shifting and moving, taking inquiry support to the students wherever they are working and helping them synthesize and make meaning of whatever research they are doing. How do we accomplish this and what small changes will help make a big difference in the partnership between the library, teachers, and students?
Getting Beyond the Buts James Richardson With any transformational change, leaders have to learn how to make naysayers into advocates. Come learn strategies to help move reluctant teachers forward and to communicate effectively with parents and the community.

Learning Habits and Expectations

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
Teaching Digital Citizenship with Common Sense Education Brian Dino As young people participate in digital spaces, they need guidance in how to participate safely and ethically. In this session, learn about nonprofit Common Sense Education and their free education programs. The programs cover two main pillars: digital citizenship and technology for learning.
You’ll be introduced to the free Common Sense curriculum in addition to three online interactive programs that teach students digital citizenship skills (Digital Passport for elementary, Digital Compass for middle, and Digital Bytes for middle and high).
You’ll also learn about great media creation tools students can use, and how you can find great apps, websites, and games for learning with Common Sense’s Graphite. Learn how these free programs can guide students to make the most of digital media.
The SVVSD Digital Library LeAnne Kelly and Sherri Platt A digital library is much like a physical library.  It is a place that houses resources for patrons to use for professional use, research and/or pleasure.  The SVVSD Digital library serves two purposes:  It contains the digital literature sets that support the secondary English Language Arts program and it is also a district-wide library that contains digital books and audio books for students and staff member of the St. Vrain Valley School District to borrow.  Come listen to why this library came to be, how it was started as well as experience first-hand how to maneuver in and out of both sides of this incredible new resource.
Instant, Digital Feedback with Notability  Stephanie Schroeder  Notability allows you to draw, type, highlight and speak onto PDFs, allowing for observations and evaluations to be completed at your fingertips (literally).

Shared Leadership

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
The Thriving Teacher Librarian: Transforming our role as teacher-librarians in our changing world Becky Russell In this age of accountability, teacher-librarians are being asked to provide evidence on how we make an impact. This requires subtle and necessary shifts in our thinking and current practice. Our work with patrons is our strongest asset so how do we shift our priorities and spend our time where it matters most? What incremental changes are needed in order to thrive? What can we let go of and/or get help with? This interactive session will explore practical ideas to help us work smarter, not harder. Participants will leave with innovative ideas that they can apply to their transformation immediately.
Creating PD Around Big Ideas Sherri Platt Create PD around ideas, not Apps! This session will provide participants with ideas to begin developing year long professional development plans for their staff. Participants are encouraged to attend with team members from the same school. Work time will be provided!!
Q&A With James Richardson James Richardson An infomal chat with James Richardson to answer questions and learn more about the Buck Lodge story.
Data and Students and Apps, Oh My! Joe McBreen and Patrick Mount Follow the data trail when using third party apps and websites and you’ll be surprised to see where it sometimes leads. In this session, you’ll learn more about how to balance the use of amazing online resources and iPad apps with awareness of privacy and your responsibility to protect student information.

Reimagining the School Library with iBooks


Apple Education (C)

Today’s school libraries have an increasingly different look and function from libraries of the past. Forward looking educators know that libraries and library media specialists are essential to a school’s mission.

Here is what you can expect at this session:
• Recognize possibilities for using and creating Multi-Touch books and online courses.
• Learn how to assist students as they work to create diverse content that demonstrates learning.

Reimagining the School Library with iTunes U Apple Education (C)

Information comes in many forms and part of a library media specialist’s role is to help identify and curate resources to support student learning. In this session, you’ll learn to:

• Identify strategies for collaborating in a digital school environment.
• Learn how to apply new information strategies across diverse curriculum areas, as well as for personal learning.
• Discover resources in iTunes U, the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content.

Digital Age Leadership: Learning & Leading With Schoology Kelly Ady and Kyle Addington  Schoology provides amazing opportunities for the classroom teacher and his/her students, but it can also be a powerful tool for school administrators and district leaders. This session will focus on ways Schoology can be leveraged by school and/or district administrators for leadership & learning.
Leadership & Learning Apple Education (G)
Digital content and mobile devices are changing the education landscape. At this session, we’ll discuss strategies for leading your organization through this transition to create new teaching and learning opportunities. You’ll explore the role of visionary leadership in supporting school transformation and see how digital content supports emerging trends in education.
Leading with Keynote Apple Education (S)
In this session, we’ll look at what’s possible with Keynote for iOS. Beyond making slides and delivering presentations, we’ll explore strategies for using Keynote to create and share engaging content with faculty, staff, and community.

Student Agency and Learning Mindsets

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
Call to Action: Challenge Based Learning Katie Morrow and Kevin Morrow Engage today’s learners and prepare them for tomorrow by providing challenges that take action and make a difference. Learn how to implement Challenge Based Learning including how to launch a challenge, support a successful collaborative learning experience, manage the technology involved in the process, and share the solutions and learning outcomes with a global audience. See how CBL is a viable solution for transforming the technology usage into higher learning outcomes in any learning environment.
Students as Researchers and Makers in a Mobile Learning Classroom Karen Percak STEM, STEAM, STREAM? Isn’t it all about doing the Research and then creating from new knowledge? Discuss and share how to take learning to higher levels with mobile research across the disciplines as students observe, collect data, confirm hypotheses, experiment, interview, survey, read.
Opening Doors for Next Gen Learning Mark Spencer A 1:1 environment is one of the essential factors that open the door for Next Gen Learning, Blended Learning, and Challenge Based Learning
See examples of how Westview’s 1:1 environment allows these things to grow and develop, and the first steps we have taken to transform teaching and learning.
SAMR in SVVSD: Learning In and For the 21st Century. Stevan Kalmon Explore vignettes from SVVSD classrooms collected by C21L during their evaluation of the LTP as you consider how to assess the use of technology in learning. Participants will use the SAMR model in combination with the concepts of Learning In and For the 21st century as a framework for examining practice. Leave with a better sense of how technology is being used in SVVSD and how you can lead a conversation with your staff about effective technology integration.

Tier I Instruction

Session Title Location Presenter Description Time
Read, Write, & Swipe: Language Arts and Literacy with iPad Katie Morrow and Kevin Morrow Experience ideas in all levels of the SAMR spectrum for teaching English/Language Arts with iOS devices. Students will develop reading fluency with audio recording apps, comprehension with iBooks, writing & speaking skills with CBL projects, and much more. Learn transformative practices from a middle school Language Arts teacher to bring back to your schools tomorrow— whether it is one iPad or many. Improve student literacy with iPad.
Delivering and Assessing the Tools for Learning Karen Percak There are so many opportunities for formative and summative assessments in a mobile classroom. Thinking through and talking about these tools might spark new enthusiasm for student reflective practice. Creativity might become a natural part of assessment and role of ITunesU Courses and iBooks will be explored for delivery of materials and creation of a products by the learner.
Screencasting with Explain Everything Julie Garcia Experience how students creatively use app smashing within screencasting apps to not only enhance the instructional setting, but provide a deeper insight into thinking. Participants will engage in a hands on activity that shows how any screencasting app can be used in conjunction with other apps to foster collaboration, creativity, and demonstrate student understanding. The session will culminate with student samples and implementation strategies.
Teach Like Pythagoras, Learn like the Jetsons Julie Garcia Join a math teacher as she shares her experience transforming her classroom with iPad. Learn about formative assessments, student led explorations, flipping the classroom, and interactive experiences that make learning math fun!
SAMR SLAMR Julie Garcia Technology, is just like any other tool but the ability to transform learning lies in the hands of the educator who designs the learning experience using that technology. In this session, participants will explore the SAMR model in different contexts, practice evaluating lessons based on their learning, and apply that learning to SAMRize their own lessons.
iPad Differentiation and Ways to Support Teacher Differentiation Growth Tara Mason This session will go over basic iPad accessibility and differentiation strategies and tools. Using those tools, educational professionals will view a case study example of an adjusted lessons using iPads with accessibility and differentiation strategies. Lastly, session attendees will be introduced to a Google feedback form to use in observations with teachers or other staff members to help grow iPad differentiation and accommodation to serve all K-12 learners in his/her buildings.
Engaging your Students on Mobile Devices with Nearpod Josh Tappan Learn how you can take advantage of Nearpod as a learning tool for students AND how to use Nearpod with your staff for engaging and effective communication.


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