Why digital learning is better for students

by Alexandro Dominguez

Digital learning has always been a huge issue because some parents say it’s bad and other parents think it’s best for the students. I am here to explain why digital learning is better for each and every student in school. We live in a digital world, so in the future when technology becomes more advanced we will be prepared because we used technology in our classes. We also have instant access to information and websites we wouldn’t normally be able to access. Sometimes digital learning can help with shyness because we could all get put on a discussion online and discuss about the topic or whatever the question the teacher is asking.

According to a study by IT TRADE Association CompTIA, around 75 percent of educators think that digital learning has a positive impact on learning. It can also make learning fun because some students are intrigued and less bored because of the virtual lessons or videos. Another study proved digital learning helps retain information because sixteen out of the eighteen 2nd graders remembered more information about the animal after the powerpoint. Students also get to choose the pace while learning and that is an extremely important part because now students don’t have to wait for others or rush just to catch up. Now they can just go in their own pace and can take their time to get whatever they need to get done, they also don’t rush so this can lead to higher grades.

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