The Death of Will Smith

by Avery Marr and Brice Martin

The death of the NFL player Will Smith the defensive end for the Saints, came as a surprise. He was shot six times in the chest at 11:29 PM, near Sophie Wright Place and Felicity Street in New Orleans. The footage from the streets shows two cars, a Mercedes SUV and a Hummer. The Mercedes stopped too quickly and ended up hitting the Hummer after it pulled into the other lane and passed the SUV.

The two cars collided again. “This time, it was the Mercedes that was rear­ ended,” police said. Smith and the driver of the Hummer “exchange words” and at that moment the driver of the Hummer, Cardell Hayes, pulled out a handgun and shot Smith six times. He then proceeded to shoot his wife two times in the right leg. After seeing the shooting, one person did call the police, who arrived four minutes after the call. The police found Smith’s body in the middle of the road, where he lay outside of his car suffering from the wounds. Cardell Hayes was still at the scene, and he did not leave the area.

Hayes was not the only suspect with weapons that night. New details from the police had been released, and more weapons were found in Smith’s car. Detectives found a handgun and a revolver. In addition, other passengers were in the cars, although police haven’t said if they have caused any problems within the crime. After the shooting, police confiscated the weapons that were found.

Overall, the tragic death of Will Smith was a tragedy to many people. Lots of them still miss him today.

Will SMith-1

The sudden death of Will Smith was a tragedy to many people. They will miss him.

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