Swearing in the School Environment

Today we live in an environment that socially accepts swearing in a daily manner. Students can’t walk through our school halls without hearing a cuss word or seeing someone getting flipped off. Which got us thinking, “What is the school’s policy on swearing and body language?” Can students be punished for using swear words and foul body language in a school setting? In this article we will cover this topic and interview the school’s Principal, Mr. Young as our primary source.

To start off, our group searched the school handbook for mention of swear words and other clues as to what the guidelines are. However, as we delved deeper into the text, we found no trace or mention of swear words. If we take a closer look we can observe the first building rule and assume it falls under that category. Mr. Young confirmed our theory, that it does fall under the first building rule. He also told us that he believes swearing is not acceptable in a public place.

So what should you do if you witness swearing in our school? There are many answers, but one thing you should not do is ignore it. Principal Young responded to this question by stating that it depends on the context. If a student falls down the stairs and lets out a curse, that would be completely different from insulting someone. If you are insulted or feel violated, you need to let a school personnel know immediately. In more serious cases, students are permitted to report someone to the authorities if needed.

Consequences for swearing can vary as mentioned before. They can range from first time offender to in school suspension. Either way you do not want to swear on school premises. However, many students pose the argument that, “Oh it’s just a joke. No one was hurt by it”. In this scenario, it is still a case of swearing and you can be reported.

In closing, let’s use appropriate language and show respect for each other and our school. And be careful what you say, for some day you may eat those words!



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