Politics­: How is voting done?

by Matthew Lowe

In the United States, the people choose how our country runs by selecting the most important person in the United States government, the president. However, many people who have not voted before (myself included) are legitimately confused about how it works. So before you turn eighteen, sit back and read this article to learn the ropes.

First things first, we do not vote for the president. We vote for representatives called “delegates” who in turn vote for the president. Each state has multiple delegates depending on the population of that state. For example, Colorado has a total of 11 delegates. Over the past year a total of 537 delegates have voted. The more votes a delegate has, the more powerful they’ll be in the election.

When America was founded, we did not have accessible technology for voting. We used to just put paper in a box and have it shipped to the White House. However, this form of voting was completely scratched due to the fact that the votes could be easily tampered with. Now in a world with advanced technology, we have complicated and secure machines to do the counting.

Voting is a serious matter. Don’t skip out on voting because it takes too long and don’t miss out on political things just because you’re too young to vote. Your vote could be the thing to make America a better place.

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